Make sure your shoes are clean inside (free of oils and dirt), where you wish to place the loops to insure the adhesive works the way is designed  and please allow the loops to set in your shoes for 24 hours prior of using them so, the Strappys can hold your beautiful feet while walking.


Play with the Strappys before placing the loops inside. Keep in mind that, every shoe and foot is different.  You will have the ability to move the Strappys to the desired position on the shoe so that you can find the best fit possible with endless styling options.


You will find the BEST support if you wear Strappys close to your ankles. Very useful when wearing heels higher than 3’’ or for loose shoes 👠 


Double the Straps for extra extra support! The support you need when you are dancing 💃🏽 or running 🏃🏽‍♀️ through the parking lot because you are late for your next super hero appointment;)... your shoes 👠 will feel like wearing boots 👢 


Matching colors? ONE pair of Strappys from Strappy Couture can change your game! One pair of shoes becomes many, for more occasions and/or outfits!



It takes seconds to WEAR & USE Strappys. Once the wonder straps have been attached where you want them, just SLIP ON YOUR FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES!


 The Mini-Belts can be adjusted to your feet like a regular belt once they are attached to your shoes!