Tan/Beige Mini-Belt Strappys - Single Pair
Tan/Beige Mini-Belt Strappys - Single Pair
Tan/Beige Mini-Belt Strappys - Single Pair
Tan/Beige Mini-Belt Strappys - Single Pair

Tan/Beige Mini-Belt Strappys - Single Pair

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Includes: 1 pair of strappys and 8 loops with back adhesive. Color: Beige/Tan PU leather with silver buckle.

Dimensions of the Strappys:  6” long (can be adjust to 9 ”) X 0.34”(1cm) width  X 1/16” thick.   Dimension of the Hook: 1’’ Diameter Dimension of the Loop with back adhesive: 1’’ Diameter 

Model is wearing pumps size  9 (shoes are not included)

STRAPPY COUTURE is an Easy Stylish Solution to Heel Slippage. It combines Function with Fashion in helping women be more Confident and Comfortable in their dress shoes.

They are REMOVABLE, DETACHABLE, REUSABLE, MUILTI-FUNCTIONAL, MULTI-STYLING & LONG LASTING  Shoe Strappys that will help RELAX your feet  by securing comfortably your feet to your shoes and preventing them from moving around, blister free, while walking on Stilettos, Kitten heels, Wedges, Ballet flats, because they all have the same problem; they have the tendency to slip off the back of the foot. This causes stress on the foot and makes our beloved shoe uncomfortable to wear, no matter what shoe-brand they are.   ONE PAIR can be interchanged with all of your shoes.

The Straps are designed to LOOK & FEEL as part of the shoe. Wear Strappy Couture anywhere inside your shoe! Place it where is most comfortable and it helps you secure your foot the most. There are ENDLESS ways to wear them. They attach to the shoe with Loops and Hooks (or what we all know as Velcro). Once the MIniBelt has been attached to your shoes, you can fasten the belt to your  feet.

Check out the TIPS on how to wear the strappys on our home page.

The MIniBelt Strappy - SEÑORITA  is made with high quality  vegan friendly materials compatible with ANY size and Different shoe styles.  


EASY TO ATTACH AND REMOVE at anytime! Fits perfectly with  your super busy life style. 


Note: the Shoes are not included with the purchase, only one pair of Strappys, and 8 of 1x1 Loops with adhesive will be provided. 

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